Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Present Tense वर्तमान काळ

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By skipping the grammar details, we will see few sentences directly. And you can understand the rules.

मै आता हूं ( mai AtA hUM )
मी येतो ( mI yeto  )

मै जाता हुं ( mai jAtA huM )
मी जातो ( mI jAto  )

मै बोलता हूं ( mai bolatA hUM )
मी बोलतो ( mI bolato  )

मै आ रहा हूं ( mai A rahA hUM )
मी येत आहे ( mI yet Ahe  )
मी येतोय ( mI yetoy )

मै बोल रहा हूं ( mai bol rahA hUM )
मी बोलत आहे ( mI bolat Ahe  )    - BO
मी बोलतोय ( mI bolatoy )                -SP

मै जा रहा हूं ( mai jA rahA hUM )
मी जात आहे ( mI jAt Ahe  )  - BO
मी जातोय ( mI jAtoy )

तू खाता है ( tU khAtA hai  )
तू खातोस ( tU khAtos )

तू खाती है ( tU khAtI hai  )
तू खातेस ( tU khAtes )

तू चिल्लाता है ( tU chillAtA hai )
तू ओरडतोस ( tU oraDatos )

तू रोती है ( tU rotI hai  )
तू रडतेस ( tU raDates  )

वो लडका नाचता है ( vo laDakA nAchatA hai )
तो मुलगा नाचतो ( to mulagA nAchato  )

वो लडकी नाचती है ( vo laDakI nAchatI hai )
ती मुलगी नाचते ( tI mulagI nAchate )

वो लडका नाच रहा है ( vo laDakA nAcha rahA hai )
तो मुलगा नाचत आहे   ( to mulagA nAchat Ahe   )   - BO
तो मुलगा नाचतोय ( to mulagA nAchatoy )   -SP

वो लडकी नाच रही है ( vo laDakI nAcha rahI hai )
ती मुलगी नाचत आहे ( tI mulagI nAchat Ahe  )   - BO
ती मुलगी नाचत्ये ( tI mulagI nAchatye  )   -SP

वो पेड हिल रहा है ( vo peD hil rahA hai )
ते झाड हलते आहे ( te jhAD halate Ahe )   - BO
ते झाड हलतंय ( te jhAD halataMy )   -SP

वे लडके नाच रहे है ( ve laDake nAch rahe hai )
ते मुलगे नाचत आहेत ( te mulage nAchat Ahet )   - BO
ते मुलगे नाचतायत ( te mulage nAchatAyat  )

वे लडकीया नाच रही है ( ve laDakIyA nAch rahI hai )
त्या मुली नाचत आहेत ( tyA mulI nAchat Ahet  )   - BO
त्या मुली नाचतायत ( tyA mulI nAchatAyat  )   -SP

To know the grammar rules for Present tense in Marathi refer links :-


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Exercise: Try creating sentences with different verbs using above rules. Crosscheck them by creating same by “verb forms” feature on http://learnmarathiwithkaushik.com/

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts to Learn Marathi. Learn Marathi grammar and many aspects Marathi language online.


  1. Hello Sir
    If a female says that "I am going", what will be the SP form in marathi?

    1. मी जात आहे (mI jAt Ahe ) - BO
      मी जात्ये ( mI jAtye ) - SP

      Thanks for your comments. I would like to take more feedback from you about my blog ; can you please mail me at learnmarathifast@gmail.com

  2. is sentence in marathi gets completed by a full stop or like purn viram in hindi?

  3. sir can u tell how verb changes its form with gender.?..both in singular and plural

    1. Can you refer the lessons mentioned above. It is discussed on detail for all tenses.

      I am just curious what motivated you to to learn Marathi ? What is you mother-tongue and where are you from ? I would like to know more of your feedback. Can you mail me at learnmarathifast@gmail.com

  4. Replies
    1. Bookish sentence is marked as (BO) and Spoken language sentence is marked as (SP)

      May I know your name please? Are you learning Marathi using my blog ?


  5. Very nice and easily taught... can u pls tell me the meaning of "Sangla"?

    1. I guess you want to ask meaning of "चांगला"(chAMgalA). It means nice,good.

  6. You are doing a good job Kaushik..

    1. Thanks a lot Hina. Are you learning Marathi using my blog?

  7. Hi,

    Is there any rule when to use (sa) and (ya) in spoken marathi?

    Ex: ओरडतोस -ending with sa
    नाचतोय- ending with ya.

    Thank You,

    1. ओरडतोस is simple present tense. "You shout"
      नाचतोय is short form of नाचतो आहे. It is present continuous tense. "He is dancing".

      Let me know if it answers your query.
      By the way are you "ARUN KAGATIKAR" ?

      - Kaushik